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William James had a dream of his own, since he was a young man. He was a successful business man, many people liked him, and he had a nice house, lovely garden, but inside he was not happy. When he was sixteen years old his father passed away. So he had to support his mother and sisters. But he always wanted to be a doctor. He had an unrealized career dream, but at that time he couldn’t afford to go to medical school. More he thought about it, and he became bitter. One day his lawyer wife suggested going to a counselor. The counselor told him “if you want to go to school go to school” William said “are you crazy I am fifty years old.” The counselor convinced him to follow his dream, so he sold the factory, and eight years later he became a doctor, and he kept the doctor’s job until he was seventy five years old. When his asked him about his future to be a teacher, he told his son “do what your heart asks for” whenever your heart is in it you are going to make it, whatever you want to be.



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