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Yeung Kee

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Glogster Assignment



This is about Color career Test.

1.  My best occupational categoly is a resercher.

2.  Some key words associated with this categoly is Independent, self-motivated, reserved, introspective,


3.  Yes I agree but little bit.

    Because of I think I am a kind of independent person, also I am not a kind of a reserved person .

4.  I like a development manager.

5.  My second occupational categoly is a creator.

6.  Some key words associated with second categoly is Nonconforming, Experssive, Intuitive, Sensitive, and  


7.  Yes, I agree because I think I have sensitive and emotional character.

8.  I learned that I realized I have various potential personality.

     I learned that my possible occupation for my personality is Inventor, Identifying consumer demand  

     development manager.



According to the Color Career Counselor Online Quiz, I am a reseacher.   My quiz results indicate people in my best occupational category are independent, self-motivated, rresered, introspective, curios. ….  These words do / do not describe me because I am not a reserved person.  Workplaces in this category are development manager.…  My second best occupational category is creator.…  These people are nonconforming, experssive, intuitive, sensitive and emotional.… These words do / do not describe me because I am not Intuitive.… In conclusion, I think/ I believe/ I learned…I have various personality..




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