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Welcome to:        My projects at VESL class- Term 3 Spring 2009

Consist of: 

                          1/My Glogster Project!


                          2/Sample  Color Career Counselor Project!

       According to the Color Career Counselor Online Quiz, I'm a creator. My quiz results indicate people in my best occupational category are Nonconforming, Impulsive, expressive, Romantic, Intuitive, Sensitive, and Emotional. These words describe me because I enjoy working independently, using my imagination, and constantly learning something new. Workplaces in this category are advertising, public relations,and interior decorating firm; artistic studios, theaters, and concerthalls etc. Other workplaces to consider are art institutes, museums,libraries, and galleries. My second best occupational category is a social manager. these people are Tactful, Cooperative, Generous, Understanding, Insightful, Friendly , and Cheerful. These people also discuss and consider feeling in order to solve proplems. These words may describe me somewhat because this very social type enjoys working in group, sharing responsibilities, and being the center of attention which I like. In conclusion, I think that the "Color Career Counselor" is a wonderful information for us to refer and make a plan for oneself to get a proper job. I believe the success will come to people who are ambitious and understand oneself's abilities. And the success also come to people who have enough energy to pass over the challenges in their life. I understood and learned the knowledge of Color Career which is agreeable with me.




                           3/ Sample Career Consultant Project!


                                                                                   A future Librarian

       My friend Balbina who has a wonderful personality. There are so many things she would be good at, but if I had to choose one job for her, it would be a librarian.

First of all, she loves people and has ability to work with others.This is important thing that the librarian needs it.

Second, she is really expressive and romentic. These are characteristics for person who works on a culture and literature position.

Finally,Balbina is intuitive person. So she has ability to work accurately with attention to detail. This thing is a requirement of librarian.

In conclusion Balbina who has a lot of good personality such as expressive, romentic, intuitive, sensitive, and emotional which need for person who works on a culture position. Therefore Librarian position which she should become in the future.



                            4/A Sumary of "Do What Your Heart Asks For"


Vang Vu

VESL class

William James was a very successful businessman. He owned a bottle capping factory when he was 50 years old. Outside, he looked like a happy man because he had a wonderful family with his wife, who was a respected lawyer, and three kids (one son and two daughters). His children were really intelligent at school. They lived together in a beautiful house with a big yard in front and lots of trees, which was a dream of many people. In fact, he was unhappy because his dream did not come true yet. There was a big problem when he was young. He wanted to become a doctor. He did everything with all his heart, such as studying medical books and the human body by himself. Going to hospitals to help patients but he still couldn’t afford medical school because his parents were poor so he couldn’t have enough money to pay the tuition for school. In addition, his father died and it made more difficult for him at the age 16. He felt bitter and angry. So, he worked and worked very hard and earned lots of money until he became the factory owner. Having happy family lots of money and being a factory’s owner couldn’t fill up the big space in his mind to replace his dream of being a doctor. His wife was very an intelligent lady who understood her husband’s every feeling and thought although he never expressed in words how he felt. So she suggested to him to see a counselor. The counselor listened and gave some advice to him. He said, “You’re crazy?” and “I’m 50 years old” when he heard the counselor’s suggestion of going to school. The counselor asked him, “How old are you going to be in 10 years if you don’t go to medical school?”He thought about the counselor’s suggestion carefully and decided to sell his factory. He was confident and sent his application to medical school. It was not 10 years, but only 8 years later and he became a baby doctor at the age of 58. He worked and dedicated all his power, knowledge, and whole heart to being a doctor to the people. He was really a happy man when he was 65 years old. One day his son, who worked at a bank, complained about his situation at the Bank. He had a dream to be a teacher. William told him, “Son, do what your heart asks for.”In conclusion, the age for studying never has any limit. Knowledge is an unlimited source; it will come to people who have enough energy to pass over the challenges of life. You should follow your heart’s voice. Your life’s goal will be a target for you who are shooters. Of course, if you’re a good shooter or bad shooter depends on whether you shoot straight at the target or not. William’s success in his life would be a dream to lots of students in our school, even lots of people in the world, who immigrate to this country?

 5.  Dipity Timeline Project


vang v. on Dipity.


6.  Career Research PowerPoint Project:


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 7.  Characteristics and Emotions:


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8.  Great People Project:


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 9.  Experiences and Transformations:


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