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my glogster project 





1 My best occupational category is a CREATOR


2 Some of the key words are :Nonconforming,impulsive,expressive, romantic and emotional.


3 These words describe me because i am sensitive,intuitive, romantic ,emotional


4 I like  public relations,advertising executive,fine or commercial artist interior decorator, lawyer


5 The second best occupational category is a SOCIAL MANAGER


6 The key words are tactful,cooperative,generous,friendly


7 Because i like coopererate, to give and i always listen to people


8 I learned that i can deal with people i have patience and i can do it they fit my personality


According to the Color Career Counselor Online Quiz, I am a creator.   My quiz results indicate people in my best occupational category are nonconforming,impulsive,romantic,and emotional.  These words do describe me because I am sensitive, intuitive,romantic,emotiona.  Workplaces in this category are public relations,advertising executive,fine or commercialartist, interior decorator,lawyer.  My second best occupational category is a social manager.  These people are tactful,cooperative,generous,friendly. These words do describe me because I like to cooperate, to give,share,and listen to people.  In conclusion, I I learned that i can deal with all type of people because I have patience and I can do it because they fit my personality.







William James was a successful businessman, but he had an unrealized career dream. He was 50 years old, had a nice house, a beautiful wife, and 3 kids. He owned his business, but he was unhappy and frustrated because he wanted to be a doctor but couldn’t afford it. He had to work to support his family, wasted his time doing work he didn’t like. One day he went see a counselor, and the counselor gave him advice, but he couldn’t believe that he could go back to school at that age. After listening to the counselor, he became a doctor and gave his son who was a banker and wanted to switch to be a teacher the same advice. In conclusion, the message of this story is “it’s never too late to do what you intend to do”

Career Research Project:







Gabcast! MCC ESL #3


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