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Hi, everybody!

Here you will find samples of many of the projects you will do in this class during Term 3, Spring 2009.

Sample Glog / Self Intro Scrapbook Page 

 Sample Color Career Counselor paragraph:


 According to the Color Career Counselor Online Quiz (online at http://www.careerpath.com/career-tests/colorcareercounselor.aspx), I am a creator.  My quiz results indicate people in my best occupational category are nonconforming, expressive, intuitive, and sensitive.  I do like to work independently, use my imagination, and write, but I am not really good with music as self expression.  I should consider workplaces that allow me to create, express myself, and follow my free-spirited nature.  One workplace listed for this occupational category is university.  My second best occupational category is persuader.  These people are competitive, sociable, and ambitious.  These words describe me very well, but I do not like to sell things or argue.  In conclusion, I think I already have the perfect career for me – teaching – and the results of this quiz confirm that I am creative but also a leader, which are characteristics that I think are important for this job.



Sample Career Consultant Project:

A Future Teacher

     Claudia has a wonderful personality.  There are so many things she would be good at, but if I had to choose one job for her, it would be elementary school teacher.

     First of all, Claudia likes people.  She enjoys talking to others and seems to make friends easily.  She's good at telling jokes and stories.  Most important, she says that she enjoys being with young children and cares about them very much.  I think she would make a good teacher because of these qualities.

     Second, Claudia is very sensitive.  She is the first person to notice if someone is sad or not feeling well, and she always tried to cheer that person up.  Since children don't always say how they feel, her sensitivity would make her a good teacher.

     Finally, Claudia is well organized.  She always has her appointments neatly scheduled on her calendar.  Children need to follow a regular schedule, too.

     In conclusion, Claudia is people-oriented, sensitive, and organized.  Therefore, I think she would be a good teacher because of these personality characteristics.


(Source:  Writing from Within)


Sample Characteristics and Emotions Project





Sample Dipity Autobiography Timeline: 




Kristi R. on Dipity.


Sample Career Research Project:


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Samples of former VESL students' Experiences and Transformations projects:

PowerPoints and Images with Sentences


Instructor's Sample:



Sample Excel/Survey Graph on Leisure Time Preferences:

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