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Isabel Garcia





   William Tames was a successful businessman, but he had an unhappy career dream. When William was 50 years old he was the owner of a compping factory, and he had a nice family and a big house, but he was an unhappy man because when he was child, he wanted to be doctor but he couldn’t. Currently he got bitter and angry with himself and he decided to study future doctor. Eight years later he was a successful doctor and he could guide his son some advice. When his son had a problem, he said “Do what your heart asks for” In conclusion the message of this story is. “It is never late to study.” 


1.organizer. .

2. self-control,practicol,self-contained,orderly, sistematic,precese, and accurate.

3. yes,  i do agree with that because i like to be organizer every time and everything.

4.  banks cashier, IRS agent, inspection deparments.

5. persuader.

6. witty competitive, siciable, talkative, anbitious, argumentative, and aggressive.

7. no, i not agree with some those comcept because i am not talkative and aggressive.

8. I am learn about some others occupation possible i can do it, like banck cashier or IRS agent.



   According to the Color Career Counselor Online Quiz, I am a organizer person.   My quiz results indicate people in my best occupational category are self-control, practicol. self-contained, orderly, sistematic, precese and accurate. These words do  describe me becausei like to be organizer everytime and everything . Workplaces in this category are banks cashier, ARS agent, inspection deparment . My second best occupational category is persuader. These people are witty ,competitive, siciable, talkative, anbitious, argumentative, and aggressive. These words do not describe me because i am not talkative and aggressive In conclusion, I think someday i can do any others occupation possible like bank cashier or IRS agent.

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