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-Mi catgory is organizer

-Self-Control,Practical,Self-contained,Orderly, Systematic,Precise,and Accurate.

-Many of them I am agree, because I have control of me sometimes and I am little big orderly.

-Secretary,Statistician, Developer of busines or computer System.

-Social Manager.

- Tactful,Cooperative,Generous, Understantding,Insigful,Freindly and Cheerful.

-Yes, I do. Because I try to be generous, I am freindly and cheerful.


 -I learned that many of those adjectives I have in my personality. I will consider one of this obtion because computer class is one of the class that I have being focusing. 


According to the Color Career Counselor Online Quiz, I am a organizer.   My quiz results indicate people in my best occupational category are secretary,computer system or social manager. These words describe me because I like to use computer, and I would like to be one day a assisten nurse's manager.  Workplaces in this category arebussines offices,financial lending institutions,banks,accounting firms  My second best occupational category is Social manager.  These people are friendly, cooperative, cheerful,understanding and sightful.These words discre me because  I like to have lots of freinds. get fun and share with everybody my best happy moments.Also I think that I am a cooperative person ,because always I am trying to help others.In conclusion, I learned that most of the color quiz result apply to my personality, and many of the occupational category are which i would like to be. 







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